Saturday, 9 November 2013

Cray Fish Bay Estate! Who are we?

Welcome to Crayfish Bay Organic Estate. 

Guest Cottage at Crayfish Bay Estate


Welcome to Crayfish Bay a place where people may do as they want with no expectations of others,other than total respect. Crayfish Bay is about using what we need, not taking what we want. It is about sharing of energies, not an exchange.

Crayfish Bay Estate is located on the North West Caribbean Coastline of the Island of Grenada, West Indies, well away from the regular tourist areas.

Severely Damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, this idyllic retreat has been lovingly restored over the past seven (7) years. It is now fully restored as an operating organic cocoa estate.  There is also self-catering accommodation on the estate for back packers and adventure tourists.

During the 17th Century the estate was know as "Non Pariel" which when translated means- as without equal or without parallel. Non Pariel was the site of a large French Molasses Factory and some of it ruins and artifacts are still visible today

In the 18th Century Non Pariel came under British rule and was renamed Crayfish Bay and became a working cocoa estate.

Presently at Crayfish Bay Organic Estate we offer offer accommodation to those who would like something different from the usual beach resort holiday. With its off the beaten track and back to basics atmosphere it provides a truly authentic Caribbean experience.

Crayfish Bay is run bay a mixed batch of people. Kim, an English drifter who washed up on the Island twenty-three years ago, Lylette, his over-imaginative partner, and Yvonne, a local lady who takes charge of the farming side of life.

You can learn more about Crayfish Bay Organic Estate at our Website or on our Facebook Fan Page